Systemic work with couples and parents, systemic counselling and coaching

Working together we will respect but still consistently scrutinise your core values and pay close attention to not carelessly harming or threatening any attachment of yours to other people.

Working with your core believes and core values

All systems and groups that we belong to have an impact on us and vise versa. They can either be strongly linked or joined or they might only be loosely connected through us. 


If we change all our systems change as well.


Together we will explore and question how changing your behaviour, your core values or your lifestyle will impact not only you but also your systems e.g. your closed ones, family, friends and colleagues. This will improve chances that you will feel capable of introducing changes in your live without overwhelming, impeding, threatening or even destroying existing systems. 


We will look into your specific bonding and attachment behaviour. We will also examine how you really want to bond and evaluate what is needed for you and how you might be able to have your needs met in existing or new structures.

The impact of stress and overwhelming demands on our relationships - how to deal with toxic systemic interdependence and symbiotic relationships

Stress and excessive demands on you can have a major impact on all our relationships and can lead up to toxic systemic interdependence and symbiotic relationships. In the worst case this can create Parent Child Alienation, sickness, substance abuse, burnout and depression. 


I will explain how this correlates and what to do as well as how to dissolve interdependence and symbiosis so that you will feel more centred, happy and calm as well as live healthier and more valuable relationships free from power struggles, manipulation or aggression.

I am looking forward to guiding you through this process. Please do not hesitate to contact me with requests or questions. Carolyn Steen