Crisis Intervention and Parental Alienation due to Break Ups or Divorce

The potential for change is highest during crisis. You can use this potential in a positive and future oriented way.

Parental Alienation just like separation and divorce are extremely critical life events. Deep, legitimate and life shattering crisis can be experienced as life threatening. Justifiably so as your past life is either threatened or is actually dissolving. Unfortunately most often we are only willing and capable of undergoing sustainable and meaningful change in how we act, think and feel if we are forced to do so and there is no other easier way out. If we are overwhelmed because of a life crisis and don’t get qualified and competent help the impact on us and our life can be long lasting and painful.

In order to prevent that you might get stuck in crisis and to make sure that you can utilise the situation as a positive opportunity for change I will guide you empathetically, tenderly and closely through this challenge. My basic understanding is that emotions like panic, fear, despair, grief, anger and many more are like a gate way to our healing. During times we feel overwhelmed by so called negative emotions we have to drop all resistance. This is the opening for you to find your authentic core being. As a result you might be feeling extremely relieved instead of feeling punished by life.  

I will guide you closely through your life crisis and show you how to utilise this period as a positive life changing force.

Looking back I hope you will feel compassion for yourself while still recognising that you would not want to miss this time of change as it was necessary and extremely positive for your personal growth and future wellbeing.

I am looking forward to guiding you through this process. Please do not hesitate to contact me with requests or questions. Carolyn Steen