Who I am

Carolyn Steen - Counselling, Coaching and Crisis Intervention


My name is Carolyn Steen and I have been born in L.A., California in 1968. My German mother decided to separate from my father after only a few years of marriage. We first moved to a different State and shortly afterwards back to Germany to her parents. After my parents’ divorce I only saw my father a handful of times until his death in 1999. It was relatively uncommon during the 1970s but he still filed for child custody for my older brother and me. It was not granted to him. My mother basically never said anything positiv about him afterwards and was hurt and resentful should we ask about him or show any longing to reunite with him. Even decades after this treatment the results showed forcefully in our lives.

mindful coach

After having gone through multiple different apprenticeships and studying languages and literature I was trained in non violent communication and active listening skills. I started working as a volunteer at the only generalised telephone helpline in New York City. Only a view months later I was trained to be an online trainer for non violent communication and active listening skills for new volunteers. I also started working as a Guardian ad Litem for Children in Placement to act as a link between the Connecticut Court and the diverse parties involved in Court cases on child abuse or neglect.


After taking time off in order to care of my three daughters as well as going through separation and divorce myself I went back to school and finished my degree as a Personal and Business Coach. Ever since I have continued training and learning new skills and methods that I regularly and successfully apply during my work with clients.


Parent Child Alienation and Conscious Parenting have always been an integral part of my privat and professional background, work and daily life. I was able to encounter all aspects of Parent Child Alienation and was confronted with all different perspectives. Only therefore have I been able to realise that it is essential to enhance a paradigm change to enable affected parents, children and attached family members as well as all other impaired systems to heal and reconcile. My approach is still unique but I hope that in time more and more professionals will shift as well. Usually we are only willing to change or act differently after realising that there is no other course left open. 


Now I would like you to ask yourself: do you really want to experiment with all instruments of power at hand before realising that you will not obtain anything positive by applying force?

I will guide you on a healthy, caring and loving way to reconcile with your children in order to heal parent child alienation and its consequences. No matter where you are in your process I will support you as it is my fundamental personal and professional need to assist and guide as many affected people as possible out of the Parent Child Alienation trap.


The relationship between parent and child is a love relationship. Love relationships can only be healed with love not with hatred, anger, resentment, rejection, denial and so on. I will show you how to rekindle this loving relationship. The foundation of this love will start with you. Only if you can truly love and except yourself you will be capable of unconditionally loving your children, finding back to them and maybe even finding back to a respectful and well-intentioned relationship with your ex-spouse, no matter what has happened or what has occurred between the two of you.

Some of the main teachings I refer to during my work are the works of

Shefali Tsabari on Conscious Parenting, Amy J. L. Baker, Michael Winterhoff, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ronald S. Kurtz, Peter A. Levine, Safi Nidiaye, Otto F. Kernberg, M. Scott Peck and many more