Parent Child Alienation

Parent Child Alienation can be found not only in families that are going through separation and divorce but also in existing core families. In both scenarios I will show you how to get out of the alienation trap.

Parent Child Alienation in families going through separation or divorce

Back in the 70s a well acclaimed and accredited Child Psychologist (Richard A. Gardner) encountered a phenomenon that was new to him and that was presented to him in ever growing numbers. Children and teenagers of all social settings were introduced to him in his practice whose parents were going through separation or divorce and who suddenly and totally rejected and denied one parent without any objective reason. He made it his life’s purpose not only to research the reason for this phenomenon but also to inform and educate the mental health and legal system about the harm done to those children by publishing several scientific standard books (Parental Alienation Syndrom PAS) and advocating fast and substantial changes in the legal system in order to help the affected parents and children. Ever since this is being discussed in a highly volatile and polarised fashion not only by psychiatrist and members of the legal system but also amongst sozial workers and all other groups involved. It is also known in German Court Rooms that Parent Child Alienation can occur in families going through divorce. In most cases this is unfortunately handled extremely polarised during Court Processes as well.


This is neither good for the affected child nor for their parents. They are basically left to tenaciously ongoing processes and investigations. In most cases the situation is considerably worsened by Court Processes.


Should you be going through separation and divorce and be affected by Parent Child Alienation I would like to ask you to refrain from any kind of legal battle for the time being. The relationship of a child to its parent is a love relationship. Love relationships cannot be cured by power struggles, aggression, manipulation withdrawal of affection, withholding love or disengaging but only with love.


Together we will examine how this situation could evolve, we will investigate into the psychological reasons and I will show you how to rebuild a loving, caring and trusting relationship with your child. I am extremely interested in a fast and sustainable change as negative structures rigidify the longer they last. One of the fundamental principles we will apply in favour of your children as well as for you is that if one parent changes the complete family system is bound to follow and change as well. You can only control and change your own emotions, thoughts and actions. We will use this to your advantage and as the tool needed for change. I will guide you step by step through this process. 

Parent Child Alienation in the Existing Core Family

Although it was known that Parent Child Alienation can also be found in existing core family structures even up to ten years ago the basic hypothesis was that it predominantly shows up in cases of separation and divorce. Now it is widely recognised that the problem is spreading like a wild fire into all family systems with an alarming increase of numbers and the impact on our society in general is enormous.


I will explain and outline the reasons for this development. I will also guide and support you while you make the necessary adjustments that will enable you to rebuild a loving, caring and trustful relationship with your child or teenager.

I am looking forward to guiding you through this process. Please do not hesitate to contact me with requests or questions. Carolyn Steen